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The Advantages in Wearing Orthodontic Retainers and Which Kind You Can Use

Orthodontic retainers are composed of two types that orthodontists usually recommend, and these are the permanent and the removable. The permanent retainer is bonded to your teeth or glued after braces while the removable retainer is worn per your orthodontist’s specifications, and this is the main difference between these two types of retainers.

There are some kinds of removable retainers that can move teeth in order to align the teeth, although generally these retainers have the main purpose of preventing teeth from shifting after being aligned. It is advisable that whichever type of retainer you are prescribed to wear, that you understand the ups and downs of each kind with the explanation of your orthodontist.

Unlike removable retainers, permanent retainers are permanent or cannot be removed, as the name suggests that it cannot be taken out. Since this type of retainer is glued on your teeth, unwanted teeth are avoided from shifting, plus this very comfortable to use and is invisible when you smile since it is placed on the back of your teeth. This kind of retainer is very efficient because it will make sure that your teeth will never go back to its past position. These retainers are built sturdily and thus can be worn throughout the patient’s life, do not need to be adjusted by your orthodontist, although you have to replace them every few years for wear and tear.

The very simple recommendation for those with crooked teeth is the use of removable retainers. Of all the retainer types, this is the one that will not give you concerns when you brush or floss your teeth, and are very easy to wear. This type will not help teeth in realigning, although these retainers are designed to hold your teeth in place. You can wear these retainers only when your teeth have been in place and are aligned properly, thus their action is limited somehow.

Even after 20 years when you had your orthodontic treatment, of you take good care of your retainers, you can wear the same ones.

There are some recommendations that you can follow so you will implemented a successful care of your retainers.

Among them are brushing your retainers every day with toothpaste, storing your retainers if you are not wearing in dilute mixture of mouth rinse with water, keeping them away from anything hot like boiling water or microwave oven or the dashboard of your car, and keeping these retainers from animals like cats and dogs.

Maintain that beautiful smile then by wearing your orthodontic retainers and taking proper care of them to last for years.

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