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Benefits of A Car Insurance

Having car insurance is a must by law. Lack of valid insurance is illegal in most States. Damages to a third-party car that may lead to bodily injury or causes death, a car insurance policy provides compensation. A third party insurance provides security to family members and yourself when driving your car. A comprehensive car insurance gives protection to your car from natural calamities such as earthquake, theft, terror attack, riots, hurricane, and cyclone or any man-made in addition to that party damages or claims. A car insurance may sometimes be difficult and confusing to understand. A car insurance buyer needs to be certain of some guidelines that need to be followed before choosing a policy. In times of crisis, a car insurance act as a good friend. You protect yourself from paying large sums of money that would be needed to cover losses in case of an accident. Find out ways in which car insurance is advantageous.

It protects you from total loss. An insurance cover protects you from the total loss of your car. Robbers may steal your car and never to be found again. When you lose your car and never to find it again, it may have been cannibalized for parts or driven to another country. Spare parts market is very lucrative; hence, thieves may plan to steal it and strip it so as to sell its spare parts. Your car can also be written off after an accident. Such cases are when all the amount of money spent in repairs exit with 50% of the money the car is assured. Insurance companies write off such cars instead of repairing them. Total loss of a car happens when a car is involved in a fire accident, and it’s completely burnt. In such a situation, an insurance company is able to settle all your claims and get your new car.

Theft of car part is covered by an insurance policy. Thieves will take your car to steal its parts. You may find the car intact but the loss of key components to thieves. Spare parts market is very lucrative in most countries. In such cases, thieves will strip your car and remove certain parts such as a tail lamp, headlamp, car stereos, and wheels and resell them in the black market. When you have an insurance cover, you can make claims after such an incident, and the company will compensate for the loss.

Accident damages will not be compensated by you. When damages are done to your car during an accident, you saved from getting money out of your pocket. When your car is involved in an accident and damage occurs, the insurance company picks up the tabs and ensure necessary repairs are made to your car.

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