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Importance of a Video Interview

For any recruitment agency is always their main agenda to extract the best candidates to form an interview. The interview has a different way of been handled. Video interview is one of the best ways which can help in achieving your goals. It is beneficial through several ways to carry out an interview using a video interview.

A video interview is helpful in reducing the expenses incurred in the process of an interview. Because if the time that it takes to carry out an interview, it can be really expensive. It is stressful to come up with the best convenient time for all the candidates to attend the interview. It is more challenging for a busy organization to set a time that they can already available for the interview. The candidates have to leave their work and travel for a long time so as to attend the interview. Carrying out the screening using a video will help the interviewers and the interviewee to save much of the cost that they would have to undergo.

You just need to create a pre-recorded video and use it to screen the candidates at any time and place as convenient to them and to you. You do not need to meet with the candidates face-to-face. You are able to save the candidates most of the trouble and the interview is held easily. This also creates a standard interview for all the candidates. The questions that are asked to candidates through a face-to-face meeting are out uniform as they are not asked exactly the same questions and nit in the same way. The video interviews reduce the rate of business when the questions used are pre-recorded and are used on all the candidates.

The transparency of the interview is also enhanced with the use of a video screening. The answers given by all the candidates are open to all assessors and can be reviewed severally. Through this referencing the assessors can come up with the best conclusions. The candidates can take the company positively when it carries out their processes in this manner. Once the candidates find out that the company is able to use such god technology their attitude towards it is improved.

The process of interview is made fun and easy when using a video interview. It serves to reduce the hectic long period that is used in an interview process. Within a short time one can be able to reach out to many of the candidates and screen them with a short time. You are able to reduce the number of people who are involved in the recruitment. Being able to participate in the recruitment helps you to reduce those people whom you would need to work together to make the interview a success.

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